About Us


Fitness, health and physical personality - If your body subscribes to all of these, time your schedule and the output too conveys much.

Our indomitable will and involved approach aid us in crafting MuscleNMind as an "ELITE" fitness center that puts a high premium on efficiency. Backed by INTERNATIONAL FORMAT and scientific procedures, we aim to redefine the fitness experience with result-oriented approach.

We believe in celebrating life through fitness, and so we always have the finger on the pulse of the industry. It acts as a veritable bridge that creates an ideal workout environment and helps you achieve your fitness goals in an optimum way.

It’s time for your body to get the strength and shape it deserves. Enter MUSCLENMIND.

To deliver innovative fitness and lifestyle program with "eliteness" where members experience highest quality fitness experience.

To be a premier health and wellness facility providing whole-health and well-being to people.

People first, elite customer services, fiscal integrity, community partnership and professional expertise.